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How I Met Your Baby’s Mama?

Posted in Britney Spears, Television with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 10, 2008 by attemptedmustache

Well, seems that Britney Spears might still have a shot at making it to hillbilly heaven after all. Yep, she’s been slotted to return to the small screen on the CBS hit television series “How I Met Your Mother”. And if you haven’t heard of the show before, or seen it with your own eyes… it’s actually a REALLY good show. So… it’s kinda shocking that they’re taking the Britney risk… Though it’s certain to get them a herpies outbreak on set, I do believe it is ratings they’re after, or perhaps a swarm of paparazzo douchebags on their lawn to target with tanks, and projectile missiles.

According to Pink is the New Blog :

Britney showed up at the FOX Studios lot this morning with only her agent in tow to sit down with the cast of the show for the episode read-thru. I’m told she was “really funny”, “very professional” and that the character might become a recurring character on the show. Additionally, most of her scenes are with the Ted Mosby character played by Josh Radnor. This episode of How I Met Your Mother is the third of the new eps that have been written since the show came back from the Writer’s Strike hiatus and since the first new ep airs next week it may air three weeks after that (the week of April 7th).

So, hopefully this move ends up being a a win-win for ‘HIMYM’ and for Britney. ‘HIMYM’ definitely needs a gimmick to get them out of that treacherous ‘bubble’ territory… ‘Bubble’ meaning: the show is about to be given the axe, and producers are devising ideas to try and gain a little ratings momentum. Though Britney seems like the unlikely candidate in offering help to anyone, perhaps she’s getting a little here herself. I mean, Brit’s career could certainly use a little positive momentum. Although she doesn’t seem to have trouble selling albums, everyone knows full well that in her personal life, she’s about 2 mistakes away from diaperville with Ozzy Osborne, and the other brainmelts.

Here’s hoping the pop tartlet and the awesome show don’t hit any nasty detours in this brilliant ratings plot.

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