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Macbook Awareness: Don’t Get Burned!

Posted in Technology with tags , , , , , , on March 3, 2010 by attemptedmustache

Apple Products are some of the highest quality and most sought after in the in the Imaging and Electronic Marketplace.  But, while MacBook owners and fans alike are keenly aware of the superior quality, design and speed of the machines they’ve purchased and admire, there are a few things about the way MacBooks operate that they are unlikely to be aware of….

One of pristine importance is something that is apparently alluded to in the owners manual… but fails to be common knowledge among the majority of MacBook users, and that is how DANGEROUS they are!

Yep, I’m sure when you think of all the things in your home that could be hazordous to your health, your MacBook probably doesn’t even register as a ‘yellow’, let alone ‘red’, but MacBooks have proven to be quite dangerous to their owners, their owner’s families, and their homes.

For instance, ever notice how your Macbook heats up when in use?  Ever touched the adaptor while the computer is running and thought to yourself “I could fry an egg on this thing”? Well in some MacBooks this defect can be quite severe, and can, if left unattended, cause personal harm…. not to mention set your bed on fire, your home… your dog.  Truth be told, MacBooks provide their owners with a bona fide danger buffet!

According to

“The exterior of the MacBook Pro’s casing has been documented by a laser temperature gauge to hit 142 degrees farenheit, or 61 degrees celcius. According to standard burn safety protection measures, a 3rd degree burn can occur after only 5 seconds of exposure to 140 degree heat!”

Speaking as one of the individuals who received a 3rd Degree burn from their Macbook, I can certainly attest to the danger that comes part and parcel with owning and running a MacBook.  Whether you occasionally leave your Macbook unattended, run it on a softer surface, place it on your lap while in use, or have been previously unaware of the extreme temperatures the adaptor can reach if not placed on a hard surface, you’re at risk for a MacBook catastrophe.

While on vacation in Hawaii I fell asleep while watching DVDS of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” on my MacBook, and the adaptor, which was placed adjacent to my left arm, burned me in my sleep:

Certainly ruined my surfing potential throughout my vacation…

To Apple’s credit, they do apparently warn in their owners manual about the ability of Macbooks to heat up if not placed on a hard, flat surface, but this information is not as accessible as it should be to Mac users, as we are all AWARE not everyone takes the time to read the owners manual thoroughly.

Not to mention, AppleCare Customer Service will take no responsibility, concern, or even sympathy for the physical defects and disfiguration their computers may cause you.  In fact, instead of rectifying the situation, they are more likely to respond with a snappy “It says it in the owners manual, so tough luck” kind of attitude, as they did when I spoke with them.  Not what I’d expect from a company who makes billions of dollars off users like you and I, but apparently when you get to be as big as Apple, the little people who got you there don’t matter to you anymore.

Despite all this AppleCare immorality, I still use my MacBook, and love it dearly, but unfortunately I am reminded of my tumultous relationship with my Mac every time I look at the bizarrely shaped scar on my left arm (think MULVA and you’ll know what it looks like).

So this has been my cautionary tale to MacBook users- now go forth and be prosperous and scar free.