Sled Island Lineup-Woot Woot!!

Calgary’s Sled Island Festival released it’s 2008 lineup yesterday, and things are looking up for all the cow-folk in cowtown.

Although the full lineup has yet to be completely unveiled (May 1st), this is a pretty good start!
Artists attending thus far include:

RZA (Bobby Digital), Mogwai, Of Montreal, Wire, Drive-by Truckers, Jose Gonzales, Extra Golden, Gutter Twins, Beans, Jonathan Richman, The Dodos, Pride Tiger, Wet Secrets, Carolyn Mark, Elliot Brood, Deerhunter, Headlights, Miss Muragatroid & Petra Haden, Portastatic, Scott Kannenberg (former ‘Pavement’ gutarist/ Guest Festival Curator/ Founder of ‘Preston School of Industry/ Spiral Stairs/ Childhood friend of Stephan Malkmus, could he be booked?), Whitsundays, Luther Wright, Woodpidgeon, Mother Mother, Modern Man, Broken West, No Age, American Music Club, Elizabeth, Women, The CaveSingers.

Possible Rumors Include:

Stephan Malkmus and the Jicks, Peaches, Broken Social Scene, Feist, Corb Lund,Black Mountain, She and Him, The Kills

Sled Island will take place June 25-28th at the Shaw Millenium Park (Calgary, AB). And I have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to totally blow the up-and-coming Virgin Music Fest out of the water! Here’s hoping!! I’d rather attend a Festival that showcases local talent before another that is supported by giant corporations, and headed by some billionaire asshole who consistently forgets to shave. But…for the record… I’ll probably go to both.

June is pretty much slotted to be the best month of the year, if you’re living in Calgary!


3 Responses to “Sled Island Lineup-Woot Woot!!”

  1. The RZA! No WAI!

  2. So how likely are the possible rumors? Is it “a friend of a friend of my brother-in-law’s neighbor’s hairdresser said” or something more concrete?

  3. attemptedmustache Says:

    I think they’re not too idealistic. These sources are usually ‘inside’ people… not incestuous cousins or anything like that 🙂

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