Prince to wear his purple g-string at Coachella…maybe…maybe not???

I knew they had some more tricks up their sleeve. I mean, it was only two years back when they added Madonna and her crotchless panties at the last minute.. not to mention Kanye West and his… giant sunglasses?

Yep, the Coachella Valley Music Festival may even have MORE hidden acts yet to come… they like to make people like myself (who opted out of going this year), regret that decision for life, or at least until next year. Truthfully I’m more upset about missing Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp than I am about Prince. I mean, I can always go to cheap stripper night in some small town and check out the local lip-synching tranny as they strut around in a purple cape made entirely out of plush carpet. It’s pretty much the same shit.
Man… I should do that right now!

O-kay, it IS kinda cool, I’m just bitter at Goldenvoice, and the other Coachella jerks that decided to play with my heart like it was a friggin’ slinky.

No word as to what day Prince will be there, whether or not he will be headlining or working one of the sweat tents… but we know for sure that he’ll be there sometime between April 25th and 27th, and he is going to make some Indio dreams a reality.

As for me… I’ll be here… trying not to throw myself into the coulee.

According to the LA Times:

*Correction: Coachella co-producers AEG Live have responded to this post. Brandon K. Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, writes in an email: “Paul Tollett, the head of our Goldenvoice division and our partner in the festival, just called to tell me that the LA Times put on their blog that Prince was playing Coachella. This is absolutely not true… Regardless of what the Times was told, there is no commitment from Prince to play Coachella.” Stay tuned…. this is the Purple One we’re talking about, so anything could happen.


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