NIN Copies Radiohead, I notice

Yeah, so maybe Thom Yorke is Trent Reznor, and maybe Trent Reznor is Thom Yorke, but there is something screwy going on between these two bands. Either they’re discovered one of the 8 wonders of the world (there’s probably more like 10 now), or they’re conspiring together to manipulate and change the consumer economy. I’d settle for either of those outcomes.

So last we heard, Radiohead was embarking on a crazy contest which involves giving the wheel to fans, once again, and perhaps watching themselves crash and burn (unlikely). Really.. they can’t lose.

AND… NIN is gonna do the same.. can I say it? W. T. F.!!

The Contest:

The concept is for you to take whatever tracks you feel inspired by from Ghosts… and create what you feel should accompany them visually.

This isn’t a contest and you don’t win elaborate prizes – it’s meant to be an experiment in collaboration and a chance for us to interact beyond the typical one-way artist-to-fan relationship.

Sweet!! So what happens when my concept I envision for the fantastic gang at NIN is something to do with cheese? I mean, Blur is doing it!! And seriously, who doesn’t love cheese? No! I’m serious. Who doesn’t?


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