More Lollapalooza Rumors- So much for my seat staying dry.

The Chicago Times sure knows how to make my world go round, cuz they keep leaking more and more hints about the amazing 2008 Lolla lineup.

The latest hints to be announced:

Rage Against the Machine and Wilco

Sure, I was already expecting Wilco to be there, for whatever reason… But Rage would definitely be a pleasant surprise. Sure… I saw them last year at the Coachella Festival, but as long as Zach de la Rocha keeps his political rant down to a 10 minute max, and the crackhead who stepped on my skull promises to no-show, then we’re all good!!

As for Wilco… one of my favorite bands in the whole world… I don’t think I could ever get sick of hearing Jeff Tweedy sing, or grow tired of watching Nels shred his fingers off time and time again. They’re just a classic band, and you can’t ever go wrong when Wilco is on board.
(for those who haven’t heard them live, do yourselves a favor and buy their Kicking Television: Live in Chicago Album… and as you listen to it, think about how that disc isn’t even doing them any justice. They really are probably on of THE best live bands out there…)


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