Coachella adds New Acts: Too little, too late…

Well, well… there have been some awesome new additions to the Coachella lineup in the last couple days, which have conveniently (and I say this with heavy, HEAVY sarcasm) come right in time… for me to NOT be able to afford the trip, of course. whaamp waaaaaawa
And still, I’m not super choked… I’m certain that Lollapalooza is going to blow all the other festivals out of the water… except maybe Sasquatch, which I couldn’t get a crew together for, and didn’t want to brave alone


Though I have to say I’m a little depressed, Coachella has been a yearly tradition for me and my friends for a little while now, and yet none of us can get on board with parts of the lineup this year.

However, these new additions are quite the tease:

Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp

As well, Kate Nash, Serj Tankian, Redd Kross, and Adele have also joined the line-up, but I’m far less thrilled about any of them.

I guess for this year’s ninth annual Coachella festival, set for Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 in Indio, California, the roster is speaking for itself. Lots of good bands in the small print, and some average and super shitty headliners.
Truthfully, Jack Johnson had to of been the poison. I just couldn’t take the bait.

And yet, as I’m looking at the lineup right now, I’m confused as to why not. I suppose it has to do with having seen most of the good bands before, and not wanting to see many of the others.

So I guess for those of you who can afford to go, here is the link to those Golden Tickets, and please, save a spot in the shade for yours truly.  I wish I could be there.


3 Responses to “Coachella adds New Acts: Too little, too late…”

  1. Goldfrapp and Aphex Twin is almost a deal breaker but I already bought my Sasquatch tickets so Coachella still loses. If I had my way I’d drive from Washington to Jersey for APW in a grand adventure across North America.

  2. attemptedmustache Says:

    I think Lollapalooza is gonna be better!!
    I want to do it all!
    Sasquatch looks amazing though, I’m still trying to convince friends to go with me, but so far, no dice. Every one is in poverty this year 😉

  3. […] that decision for life, or at least until next year. Truthfully I’m more upset about missing Aphex Twin and Goldfrapp than I am about Prince. I mean, I can always go to cheap stripper night in some small town and […]

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