Justin Timberlake is a big Cry-Baby

So getting cheated on sucks right?
Well I guess it sucks even more when you’re a pop superstar, and every chic in the world wants you. At least thats the impression famous rack-grabber, whiner, and breast exposer Justin Timberlake seems to give. Get over yourself Justin.

Yeah, even at about 27 years of age, Justin is still acting like a whiney, horny, jaded little teenager going through puberty, and it seems to come out in the form of dissing his ex, Britney Spears. I mean, as if she doesn’t have throngs of insults flying at her on a daily basis already… you’d think a man who used to be in love with her might have SOME compassion.

However, douchebag Justin still seems to think it’s awesome to take the petty cuts and jabs at his ex. I mean, it’s probably the easiest, most unintelligent way to insult someone, and in my humble opinion, Justin just proved his IQ, or lack there of. I wonder what Jessica Biel must think of this? “Hey, I have an awesome ass… why is he still fixated on his ex girlfriend?” Yeah, it might go something like that.
Or it might go like this: “Wow, my boyfriend is a petty weiner, and he has a huge ‘small man’ complex”.
It’s okay Justin, we KNOW, we’re okay with it… you can stop overcompensating for a lack of something now.

According to TMZ:

Justin Timberlake didn’t keep his stick in a box on Monday night, when he jabbed at ex-galpal Britney Spears at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

“The world has always been full of Madonna wannabes,” said JT as he introduced the Material Mom, an inductee, reports Us. “I might have even dated a couple.” Day-um. He also zinged, “She has still found time to kiss someone I may or may not have publicly kissed myself while I was in the audience. Of course you know I was talking about Sean Penn.”

Yeah, really this shit is all nonesense, and I don’t even know WHY I’m posting on it. But I guess I get a little sick of hearing the snobby prick whine about his ex-girlfriend constantly, it’s been like 10 years or something… get OVER it!
She snogged another guy cuz she got bored, and you couldn’t keep her interested. And all the insults just make me think you’re still in love with her, even after all the crazy shit. I think the two of you should just shack up, rent a trailer, have 10 kids, and finally live the way you were always meant to.

Over and out.


2 Responses to “Justin Timberlake is a big Cry-Baby”

  1. haha…

    too funny

  2. u put up this disclaimer that this is all rubbish – then u go on and on. with quotes. and made up quotes. strange guy, get a girlfriend.

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