Obama Supported by Blackberry… how Ironic?

Elite business associates get your BlackBerry’s primed, cuz Barack is making a stop to to digital town, via your handheld.

According to “The Boy Genius Report”:

“You can now call your phone the BarackBerry. We started the month with the Apple iPhone supporting Microsoft Exchange functionality, and now it appears as if Research in Motion is taking another step towards the consumer market. The maker of the BlackBerry device announced that it is partnering with will.i.am and his website, Dipdive, to create a mobile version for BlackBerry devices. The website, heavily geared towards Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, will “bring the artist into a direct relationship with the fan,” according to RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie.”

But does Obama really need the support from BlackBerry and will.i.am? Probably not.
I mean, unless all the neo-nazi, homophobic, ‘pro life’, klansmen show up and sabotage the polls… he’s probably headed for the White House. But I guess when it comes to American Politics, one can never know.

Well Barack… welcome to digital town, please enjoy your stay.


3 Responses to “Obama Supported by Blackberry… how Ironic?”

  1. redmanbluestate Says:

    I hate to say it but I think he has a shot since we do have Affirmative Action http://redmanbluestate.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/blackandright/

  2. Follow the link below for more details on BarackBerry


  3. Now Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry. Nice to see a president in the 21st century.

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