Lilly Allen, nearly naked…greaaat…

So , what happened to the Lily Allen we all used to know, and not like?

You know, the girl I’m talking about…
The one that wrote some really annoying, sometimes terrible, sometimes decent songs, complained bitterly about her weight, and couldn’t help but get sloppy drunk by 8am and bitch fight with British substance abuse queen Amy Winehouse?

Well, it turns out the THESE days Lily is far more into getting sloppy drunk and wearing just her underwear in public. Awesome…

According to Music News:

Lilly Allen visits male friends wearing just sexy underwear and a mac. The ‘Smile’ singer—who recently split from Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons – loves the look on her pals’ faces when they see her standing outside their home in skimpy lingerie.

Lily, who was recently dropped as the face of lingerie label Agent Provocateur, said: “Agent Provocateur is good for turning up at a male friend’s house in a mac with underwear underneath.

Wow.. I’m SO glad I’m not a man, and I’m So glad I’m not one of Lily Allen’s male friends! Who does that?! I mean, good for Lily if she’s gained some form of confidence that allows her to not complain about her weight constantly like a friggin’ highschool prom queen… but going from one extreme to another and parading around town in her panties, freakin’ out her male friends, and making babies wish they were never born, is out of control!

And sorry… how do you wear a Mac? Is she talking about the computer?
I’m thinking Lily Allen might just be the British version of Flava Flav… but instead of the clock around the neck, it’s a Macbook?? Must be a British thing.



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