The Grammy’s Suck, ‘Plug’ needs Televising

Man… why do the Grammy’s even exist when award shows like THIS happen right underneath our noses?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if award shows actually gave merit to exceptional artists? Crazy idea, I know. Instead we get to be bombarded with bullshit exhibitions like the Grammys that celebrate mediocrity, instead of legitimate talent. Yep, the Grammys have become a total scamfest where talentless hacks get awarded for being on MTV of Vh1.

But at least we can rest easy knowing that The Plug Independent Music Awards exist, and that groups like the Arcade Fire ARE getting awarded for being TOTALLY amazing.
(The Arcade Fire was awarded ‘Album of the Year’ for their album NEON BIBLE)

PLUS.. imagine getting to watch performances like these:

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, St. Vincent, Dizzee Rascal, José González, The Forms, DiVinci, and guest DJ Sally Shapiro

Sure beats staring at J-Lo’s ass all night, or watching Fergie piss herself on stage for the evening.

For more info on the awards and other winners check peruse through the PLUG Award website.


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