Amy Winehouse has a bacterial rash… on her face?

Yeah… I bet you didn’t see this one coming?
Amy Winehouse has a RASH!! wait…

(not what you were expecting, me NEITHER!)

Amy Winehouse was diagnosed yesterday with a facial infection called Impetigo.

According to Music News:

“Amy’s spokesman confirmed at the weekend: “Amy has been diagnosed with impetigo which she has been told can be highly contagious.

Because of that she has been put on antibiotics and may have to stay home alone for the next few days.”

Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection that causes blistering and an itchy rash.

Meanwhile, Amy is reportedly being ordered back to rehab by her record bosses today.”

You know, its shocking really, cuz Amy looks just SO good the rest of the time. And I bet this has nothing to do with the totally disgusting way she chooses to live her life. I hate the idea of her beautiful face being covered up with a bandage. I mean.. look at it?!!
It’s a crime against humanity!!

I used to be a semi-fan of Amy’s, but, I’ve kinda gotten sick of her shit. First she got super drunk at the Coachella Music Festival, nearly missed her performance, and then half-assed her weak-ass set last year. AND after that, it pissed me off when she got a Grammy for her deviated septum, and her cracked-out-heroin/coke addiction.
Maybe she’ll get an Academy Award for her contagious face rash?

Better yet.. why don’t they ask the doctor what ELSE they had to swab for… Herpies, Gonorrhea, Syphilis?
Thats great Amy, here’s a Juno and an American Music Award. Oh, and Amy, while you’re snorting crack, here’s that World Music Award you were expecting as well.

I love that we reward people who destroy themselves and act like complete fuck-ups… really helps them take that step back to that healthy lifestyle we all hear about from time to time.
And what I love even more is how we love to watch them fail… it’s fucked up. Why has no one tried to help her up until recently?? If she was my relative, I’d tie her up and drag her to rehab. I wouldn’t care what I had to do… I’d do it.
Sure, regular adults have to start taking responsibility for themselves at some point… but celebrities aren’t adults, they’re more like pets: you need to feed them, water them, and keep the cupboard with all the chemical cleaners closed when they’re around.

Well, at least she’s in rehab now, and at least her Daddy doesn’t think she’s fine.. cuz thats just messed up. I guess I’ll wait to hear about her again when we find out she birthed a dumpster baby.


One Response to “Amy Winehouse has a bacterial rash… on her face?”

  1. That’s a shocker. Zumg. No wai!


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