Senate puts a limit on waterboarding–Torture isn’t cool?

The US Senate decided to limit the C.I.A’s use of drastic interrogation techniques such as water-boarding (simulated drowning, aka: torture).
According to BBC News:

“The Senate vote follows a similar move by the House of Representatives in December, despite a threat by President George W Bush to veto such legislation.

A senior justice department official is set to testify later in the day that water-boarding is now not legal.

“The set of interrogation methods authorised for current use is narrower than before, and it does not today include water-boarding,” says Steven Bradbury, the acting head of the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel.”

But liberals and humanists around the world, don’t put down your picketing signs just yet… the debate isn’t over!!

Brainiac U.S. President George W. Bush announced today that he does indeed plan to veto the legislation passed by the Senate.

Makes me feel like we’re living in medieval times. I propose that since we’re so down with torture, we may as well start burning witches at the stake again, it’s equally reasonable.

Some may argue that water-boarding is a perfectly legitimate method of interrogation, but I don’t think anyone has ever proved that forms of torture are any more effective at producing a desired outcome than other less archaic methods of interrogation. Using terrorism to end terrorism is likely the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard of, but it seems to coincide well with the other acts of pure genius the President has supported… like using terrorism to promote democracy, for instance.

In the President’s defense, I will admit that I don’t mutually understand what it must be like running the most powerful country in the world. Perhaps I should grow a penis, drop 10 hits of acid and THEN I’d be more qualified?


2 Responses to “Senate puts a limit on waterboarding–Torture isn’t cool?”

  1. I would submit that if anyone had a loved one in harms way, even the biggest liberal or person who wants to be safe but does not have the balls to stand up for themselves would ok the use of any torture to find the person they love.

    We Americans are strange creatures the only ethics we have are really situational. What a pitiful group of people we have become. I am glad the people supposedly in charge today was not around in WWII. If so, we would either be speaking German or Jap.

    Just wait it want be long before your wife will have to cover her head in this country. After all we don’t want to offend anyone, forget about us.

  2. Torturing someone is definitely not going to lead to correct information. Probably even false intel. I am just hoping there will be the same outrage over Bush’s new intelligence bill

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