Nothern Illinois University Shooting

A mere 10 months after the shooting at Virginia Tech State University that took the lives of 32 people and the gunman Seung-Hui Cho, another school shooting has occurred, this time at the North Illinois University just outside Chicago.

I’m not going to speculate as to why this keeps happening. I think there are so many answers to that question, and people are too blind to look at the root causes.
I just cannot understand why places of learning have become the battlefield where these sorts of things play themselves out, over and over again, in such a hateful way. It is truly horrifying.

According to CNN:

“A person who shot 13 people Thursday at Northern Illinois University’s DeKalb campus outside Chicago has died, local reports said.


Ambulances line up at Northern Illinois University after a shooting.

” Most of the 13 wounded were shot in the head, said Theresa Comitas, spokeswoman for Kishwaukee Community Hospital, located about 10 minutes from the school.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the DeKalb County coroner’s office said no fatalities had been immediately reported.

A local hospital tells CNN affiliate CLTV that it expects to receive 15 patients and has so far treated at least two.

CLTV reports that Kishwaukee Medical Center in DeKalb is treating six people with head wounds.”

Other Sources are reporting that 17 persons were shot at and wounded, and 3 are being reported as in critical condition. The story is still developing.

I personally cannot comment on any of this, but my thoughts are with all those involved, the victims, their friends and families.


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