Frances Bean Cobain has already surpassed her mother, yep, she can SPEAK!

So has time gone screwy, or am I just getting old?
Yep, I’m old… and so is Frances Bean Cobain… 15 years if you’ll believe it!! Which is remarkable, considering in my minds eye, she’s still about 7 years old, and I’m still 18… haven’t aged a day. nope.

So, other than working on her modeling career, and clearly wearing pajamas for a living, the miniature Cobain is also giving the press the old F.O!

According to Music News:

“Appearing in Harper’s Bazaar spread, Frances, Bean spoke of her hopes and plans for the future and insisted “I’m not my parents”.

Speaking about the public’s interest in her life, she explained: “These people are fascinated by me, but I haven’t done anything.”

“If you’re a big Nirvana fan, or a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I’m not my parents.” “People need to wait until I’ve done something valid with my life”, said Cobain, who is considering a career in the media as a journalist or photographer.”

So how about that? Ms. Cobain seems pretty grounded… which, when you consider the events leading up to this point in her life, seems kinda miraculous.

Personally, I’ll just let her enjoy these last few years before the Paris’ and the Britney’s get a hold of her… then I guess we can start adding a candle for every extra D.U.I., fake British accent and stint in rehab. Well… lets hope not!

But for now… I hope she’ll just give me those shoes.


13 Responses to “Frances Bean Cobain has already surpassed her mother, yep, she can SPEAK!”

  1. She can’t be Kurt’s daughter…I can’t believe it!!! Are we sure???

  2. Orchid Levana Says:

    dude. i dont think she’s kurts daughter either. i’ll explain if you care, but, dude… i thought i was like, the only one.

  3. attemptedmustache Says:

    Please Explain, that would be fantastic!!!

  4. Orchid Levana Says:

    alright. first of all, she doesnt look like kurt, though other people say she looks just like him, she really doesnt, people are just obsessed with kurt’s image. and, why do you think kurt killed himself? because frances is not his biological child! i’ve read about a hundred times that the main reason kurt cobain and courtney love got married was because courtney was pregnant. so my theory is that courtney wanted to marry kurt so bad that she got pregnant with somebody else, just to get kurt to marry her. and also, kurt loved frances so damn much that when he discovered that she wasnt his he just went and killed himself. he was already so depressed anyway, frances not being his was just too much for him to handle.
    oh, and in that nirvana song called ‘gallons of rubbing alcohol will flow through the strip’, i think that some of the lyrics suggest that frances isnt kurts anyway. the lyrics are: ‘she’s only been five months late, even though we havent had sex for a week…’ and then…’ she’s only five weeks late, and i havent had a date forever!’ i’m not sure if that’s what they’re saying exactly, but it sure sounds like kurt knew that courtney was cheating on him… i think at least. but it may have a whole different meaning.
    if that made any sense at all, i hope at least someone agrees with me. sorry if that sounded totally crazy or anything… and if it was too long….
    i’ll try to clarify if anyone doesnt understand something, but i’m damn near sure that frances bean is not kurts daughter.

  5. I cant believe that anyone would deny the fact that Frances is Kurts daughter! She DOES look just like him! Its totally unmistakable. Look at a clear shot of her face, she’s got the whole thing: eyes, nose, lips, face shape…. You can see Courtney in her too, at least the old Courtney. But look at pictures of Frances when she was 1 and 2, she was like a little Kurt clone.
    And I really do hope that she doesn’t get sucked into the celebutante bullshit like the other rich kids in Hollywood. She better stay grounded. Her ambitions for journalism sound promising and intelligent, rather than having a reality show, or being a teen actor. Though there are rumours out now that Chanel wants her for a modelling job… not sure how thats gonna work out, but…. I dont know…
    Also, Kurt was in the process of divorcing Courtney when he died. And its pretty common knowledge that his death is still very questionable. People think its so crazy to think Courtney had him killed, but if you heard all the evidence, it really isn’t. So, I just hope that Frances gets to know him to some degree at some point in her life, bc i can imagine she hasnt been given an accurate portrait from her mother.

  6. You people are complete morons. It is his daughter, have you actually looked at her face? Some people have WAY too much time on their hands. Let me guess, Elvis is still alive too, right? Get a life.

  7. Orchid Levana Says:

    why does everyone get so god damn defensive whenever anyone says that she’s not kurts daughter. i’m not saying that i’m right, i’m really not, i’ve only got an opinion is all, alright? so chill. and i’m not saying that it’s impossible for courtney to have killed him either, it’ just i dont think she would. it’s also not impossible for frances not to be kurts daughter, right? i mean, anything’s possible. just because you dont agree with me and whoever else doesnt mean the opinions are wrong.

  8. ok, so anyone who thinks this isn’t kurt’s daughter has to be blind.
    you can see it all right in her face.
    yeah courtney was a slut, but who ever said her and kurt didn’t get freaky once in awhile?

    yeah, definitely kurt’s daughter so shut the hell up about it already.

  9. Orchid Levana Says:

    you shut the hell up about it.
    see? everybody gets defensive as hell whenever anybody says she isnt kurts daughter and is always all like, ‘oh, well she has to be kurts daughter, she looks so much like him,’ and stuff like that. i’ve never met anyone that thinks she looks like him, and everyone i actually tell my opinion to agrees with me. they really do.
    oh well. i guess i’m blind, i’m sure of it. and i’m sure that everyone else who thinks frances doesnt look like kurt is blind too. yup, blind.
    well, what if you’re blind for thinking that she looks like kurt when she looks nothing like him?
    ha ha.
    you’re awfully funny, erin, and all you other people calling me blind. you really are.
    anyway, i dont think she’s kurts daughter. so ‘shut the hell up about it already.’

  10. tevisimo Says:

    You don’t need a DNA test to see that this is Kurt Cobain’s daughter. It’s written all over her face. She resembled him even more when she was a baby and toddler. I would have to agree that anyone who can’t see that has to be blind! Just stating the obvious…

  11. This, my friends, is called conspiracy. Every individual has the right to think what he wants and support his own theories due to lack of investigation done by the police. They closed the case far too early in my opinion…


  13. KURTwiLL-LIveOn Says:

    OK Orchid Lavena, Kurt didn’t kill himself,theres SO much evidence to prove this( i will prove it if you ask) and as for Frances,she looks a lot like him,ALSO it his his kid because of the fact Courtney and Kurt were married 9 months before the kid was born.also Kurt was more worried BEFORE the child was born, he was scared that she(Frances) would be a”flipper” baby due to the fact that they were on drugs during the time.theory’s were made about it,and Kurt loved her to much to care.
    and also heres a few peices of evidence ok.

    1-the cops only investigated it for 3 hours and declared it a suicide
    2- the suicide note had more then one figure of handwriting
    and 3
    the shotgun was to long for him to hold it to his face and pull the trigger,his arms were not long enough.

    theres a biut more you need it ask 😀
    but yeah frances is his case closed (Y)

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