Kat Von D Might be Eric Cartman

Well.. who woulda thought that Kat Von D and the little fat dude on Southpark had something in common? Well… they probably don’t, but this signed photograph seems to imply otherwise.
No.. not THIS photograph!



Yep, Kat Von D might just hate the Jews, or maybe just one Jewish person in particular… or maybe just one person.. who just happens to be Jewish… it’s a friggin’ mind puzzle I’m telling you.

According to TMZ:

“Upon being fired from “Miami Ink” last year, tattoo artist Kat Von D allegedly signed a photograph addressed to her former boss, Ami James, and drew a swastika and a flaming Star of David on it. Subtle, no? “

Well Kat, that’s the kind of hate that got Mel Gibson in a whole little slew of trouble back in August 2006… you don’t want to be like Mel Gibson do you? No one does.

Actually who WOULDN’T want to be like Mel Gibson? You get to be a racist bastard and get away with it! Sounds amazing… I’m not even mad, I think Mel Gibson is a regular rogue-genius. Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize in the making… I’d say so.

Truth is people, Kat may or may not have written that statement, but either way, I personally don’t think she hates Jewish people. Not that I know her personally or anything, but this all seems kinda out of character, and pretty ignorant… I don’t think she’s that much of a mentard….
And… it REALLY doesn’t look like her writing, unless she’s a 14 year old boy. I mean she’s an artist DAMMIT! Wouldn’t her writing look a bit more like art, and lot less like the kind of chicken scratch that would appear if you wrote something with a pen that was shoved between your two biggest toes?!

What I do know for sure? People of Jewish ethnicity and/or faith are pretty used to taking the fall as the world’s greatest scapegoat.
For instance, here are some of the things they’re commonly accused of:

“The Jews killed Jesus!”

“The Jews control Hollywood!”

“The Jews caused 9/11!”

“The Jews oppress the Palestinians!”

“The Jews ran over my poodle!”

Now, lets all smarten up and realize something here for sure!
Mel Gibson did all these things! .. minus maybe 9/11. I mean he definitely killed Jesus , he definitely controls Hollywood, and he’s probably the highest grossing poodle killer on the planet…drunkie can’t drive straight! duh!

So let’s all just leave the Jews alone for a while, and start going after the REAL evils in the world.

Hmmm…. I wonder if Mel Gibson practices Scientology?


9 Responses to “Kat Von D Might be Eric Cartman”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    This is all very interesting to me. According to TMZ, Chris Garver of “Miami Ink” said Kat personally handed the photograph to him. Either way, it is clear that one of them is lying. And although I don’t personally know either, I’d like to think that neither of them would lie about this kind of situation. Like I said, it’s interesting.

  2. That’s pretty good cartoon fire, I can see her doing it.

    I think Kat Von D is another D lister that we can live with out. Let’s let her hate and bullshittery fade to Hollywood black.

  3. And tomorrow we find out how angelina kicked her toe…and what she kicked it on. Oh please.

  4. Alright! Listen up, douchebags. Kat Von D did NOT, in fact, write the alleged blasphemy. That’s not her handwriting. It’s a pretty good lookin’ Jewish Star with some pimpin’ flames, fair enough, but not that which came from her. She’s most certainly not racist. Kat’s a Latino woman, it’s kind’a hard to be racist as a Latino living in America, isn’t it? And Corey Miller who works in her shop is Italian, right? She’s a respectful, moral, and well-rounded person. Such written things are not worthy enough to come from her. She’s a loving person, to anyone, everyone. And I know that people have their own assumptions and beliefs about this situation, but anyone who disagrees with me should watch the series L.A. Ink. As of right now in the show, there’s the dumbest girl working as shop manager, Aubrey. I won’t go into how retarded this girl is, so watch it. But Kat’s been more than lenient with this broad, giving her chance after chance after chance to prove she’s worth something. She’s more mature and has a lot more self-pride than this.

  5. i don’t think that its really her because in Blonde Ambition it shows here journal and she writes a lot different than that, its more cursive-y and besides, shes way nicer than that

  6. notice the swastica is backwards , living the tattoo lifestyle u often come across nazis and u would know which way a swatica runs

  7. Yeah whoever put ‘in the tattoo business you often come across nazis’..are you living in 1976? ignorant fucker…
    and tbh i say things like that to my jewish fiance all the time, but its not exactly like i mean it, i lov the guy after all…
    now none of you know anything about what actually happened, and neither do i, but personally i reckon it was just a joke that was taken badly.

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