Conan O’Brien is still a Hot Piece of Ass!

Just when I was starting to think that Conan had gotten about as boring as a dried up old sandbox filled with cat poop (that might not be boring for some, I admit), he decided to spruce-up and bring the troops in for a little face lift.
No no no, not Max Weinberg, the human drumming machine… though, he is a scene stealer, that little dickens…
Instead, Conan decided to pick a very strategic feud with the very funny Stephen Colbert (the ‘t’ is silent and it stands for Truth) and John Stewart (‘t’ is not silent, stands for ‘t’) over who created Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

So who created Mike Huckabee you might ask? Well, I’m inclined to say his mother, Ms. Huckabee… but you can decide for yourselves:

Watch the clip!

Well, the cheap tricks and the name calling all came to a head this Monday on Late Night, I’ll say.

Conan really couldn’t have done anything more brilliant than to have revitalized his show with the two guys that are making him look like the grumpy old slow-dancing shit on the block. Way to fight for the ratings old red. I think I’m even starting to think he’s hot again.

Though, no one will be as hot as Leno… that hair… that HAIR…

But for now, I will leave you with a shot of another hottie, the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. Roar! (Don’t worry, I didn’t know Finland had a President either, other than Miikka Kiprusoff, of course)


2 Responses to “Conan O’Brien is still a Hot Piece of Ass!”

  1. Conan has always been and will always be sexy. It’s never a dull night with Mr.O’Brien.

  2. i wouldn’t have guessed this had been interesting a few years back nevertheless it’s interesting how time adjusts the method by which you perceive many different concepts, thank you regarding the article it happens to be nice to browse through anything sensible now and then instead of the widely seen garbage mascarading as blogs on the web, i’m going to play a smattering of rounds of facebook poker, adios for now

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