Bonnaroo 2008 Lineup-Penis Still Flaccid

Well I guess I can leave my gentleman’s rag in the top drawer of my dresser for another couple of weeks, or at least until I hear good news from Lollapalooza.

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival announced their 2008 Lineup today… and again, I’m kinda disappointed. Minus some awesome bands in the small print, and David Cross…of course (totally shot my wad on that one!), my verdict is lame lame laaame (just for the record, that is MORE lame than a barbed wire tattoo–I.e., uncool).

Metallica and Jack Johnson are headliners, and thats enough to make my ears throw up.
Actually I think they’re pre-hemorrhaging right now.

The Coachella Valley Music Festival was the first disappointment, and this is the second big let down. This sure puts a lot of pressure on the All Points West Festival to be held by Coachella promoters at the Liberty State Park, New Jersey–Aug 8-10th.
I don’t know about you people, but I’m packing lot of thunder here waiting for an awesome concert announcement, and if I don’t get satisfied soon, I’m probably gonna just spray it everywhere.

I suppose I better start praying now…

Please God… let there be no Metallica…take one of their hands, if you need to (And if you can, make it Lars’)


7 Responses to “Bonnaroo 2008 Lineup-Penis Still Flaccid”

  1. Check out the tentative lineup for Sasquatch, which has the added bonus of being a half day’s drive…


    The Cure
    The Cave Singers

    Basically Confirmed:

    Modest Mouse
    The National
    David Bazan
    Fleet Foxes (however, notice that they were removed from pollstar)
    65 Days of Static
    Heavenly States
    Gang of Four*


    Death Cab for Cutie
    Devon Williams
    The Breeders

  2. attemptedmustache Says:

    I check the Sadquatch site every day… I’m just waiting for something awesome to come my way. I’m a total opportunist 😉
    Sasquatch would be ideal though–especially $$$ wise.

  3. Check –

    I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for updates. Should have an official lineup on Feb 20. Yet, with Destroyer being a lock for Sasquatch, it is more than enough to seal the deal. PLUS: THE VENUE!!!

  4. attemptedmustache Says:

    Well, it definitely looks the most promising! And it might be nice to go to a festival where I’m not totally sweating my balls off.

    PS- I love how so many Coachella fans are totally hating on Jack Johnson right now in the message board.. haha makes me happy!

  5. I’m already asleep just reading that line up.


  6. attemptedmustache Says:

    yeah dude… it’s gay.

  7. rooroo Says:

    don’t forget Jack Johnson! Bonnaroo is the perfect place to listen to Jack. btw, you can win 2 free tickets and cash to Bonnaroo at

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