Styrofoam Palace, Burning Down

“Gamblers flee Las Vegas Blaze”

Why is this so amusing to me? I guess I just picture a bunch of grubby, hairy, sketched-out old people grabbing bags of money and fleeing the scene; that and the scantily clad waitresses pulling up their bra straps, hiking up their pantaloons, and running out into the street in their 5inch heels. If these people all got shipwrecked, they’d be the most unlikely group of misfits to ever inhabit an abandoned tropical island.
LOST Part Deuce?

And for some strange reason, it doesn’t seem totally unreasonable for Las Vegas to erupt in hell fire, actually, it seems quite natural. It is, after all, probably the most highly concentrated sanctuary for “sinners” in the entire world.  I know that I certainly haven’t been able to forgo my yearly trek to the alleged City of Sin in about 5 years, I’m hooked.

Luckily no one was really hurt in the fire that overtook the rooftop of the Monte Carlo hotel and casino, not like the 1980 blaze at the old MGM Grand that took the lives of 87 people.

However, I’m willing to wager there are definitely some miffed-off gamblers, whom, in their minds, might have been that one lucky pull away from the ‘jackpot’ that was about to change their lives forever. Talk about emotional distress.

Law suits to follow? Perhaps indeed…


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