Coachella 2008: off the viagra

oh how the Coachella Music Festival sux donkey balls this year, let me count the ways.

Well, way-to-go Festival Planners, you may have just committed a mass suicide with this little roll-down of the shittiest Coachella Line-up I’ve seen in years. If you look real close, yep… DEEEEP into the fine print you might be able to spot more than a few bands that qualify in the awesome category, but Jack Johnson? The Verve? Portishead? I feel like I just jumped into a time machine and traveled 7 years into the past. Maybe my expectations were too high, and maybe the pinch on my wallet was a little too tight this year, but the only highlights I can spot in the wreck are Hot Chip, The Bees, Sia, Chromeo…

O-kay, I could go on, there ARE plenty of solid bands in there, but I was REALLY hoping for a Radiohead/RHCP-type MEGA group to headline each night… I mean, they ALWAYS produce, but for some reason, this line-up has left me wanting for MORE.

New Jersey… here I come??

Until further notice… my ever-ready Coachella hard-on has officially gone limp.


6 Responses to “Coachella 2008: off the viagra”

  1. Well, Jack Johnson makes me throw up in my mouth a little, there are still enough bands per day that would be blowing my mind.

    I’m planning on heading to Sasquatch this year… I went last year and it was amazing (Bjork, Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire, Interpol…) Plus it is so much closer. Lineup won’t be announced for a few weeks, but so far the Cure and Gang of Four are playing, and Radiohead are rumored to be playing… My friends are pulling together money to go down in a huge RV. Should be sweeeet.

  2. attemptedmustache Says:

    Sadly, if there had just been better headlining acts I wouldn’t have thought twice about going to Coachella, it makes me sooo soo very sad in the heart. You’re totally right though, most of the earlier starting bands are often better than some of the headliners, and part of the fun is researching all the bands until you pick your favorites, then plan each day accordingly…
    But it IS the combination of the huge acts and smaller talented artists that do it for me… and Jack Johnson… pleh!
    PLUS, ticket prices are MORE expensive this year too!!! What a rip off!
    It makes sense though, you know, b/c Jack Johnson is so awesome and all… NOT!

    I’m definitely looking for another festival to go to, might very well be Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or the New Jersey one. I hope the Virgin Music Festival in Calgary is good too!!!

  3. Everything at Coachella happens to be either old and boring, or super hipster.

    Personally, I’m super hipster so I want to see a lot of those acts. Plus, I’m a big trip hop fan, so I’d be all over Portishead. Sasquatch may be a little better, as well as Lollapaloza or something else in the eastern area of The United States. Or better yet, how about some Canadians get a music festival going?

    Virgin Music Thing looks terribly corporate, and have bands that meet that stereotype to a T, other than that……… Sled Island might rock this year?

  4. Yeah, Sled Island was crazy last year – so good – The Boredoms, Cat Power, Spoon, Destroyer, The Walkmen, Miracle Fortress, Montag, Chad VanGaalen, Mates of State, Les Savy Fav, The Constantines.

    Most of my love for big festivals comes from listening to the music of the bands I haven’t heard of, and being in really small crowds when they play. I am obsessed with discovering new bands, and for every festival line up like this, I download like crazy to figure out what I am going to like.

    Still, it is unfortunate that Coachella didn’t have the forsight to understand that putting Jack Johnson or Roger Waters (I was given tickets to go see RW in Calgary last summer, and I GAVE THEM AWAY, hate Pink Floyd) as the headliners would turn most if its base audience off. Portishead, fine (though clearly Kraftwerk should have been the headliner for day two – even Death Cab. How many Portishead freaks can be out there?

    Anyways, check this out –

    Lots of Mp3s for the lesser known bands.

  5. […] Coachella Valley Music Festival was the first disappointment, and this is the second big let down. This sure puts a lot of pressure […]

  6. I checked the line up and I’m pissed I can’t go to that. There are some great bands in there, and Portishead is amazing. Coachella is lucky to have a music festival like that. In Wisconsin the only good show we get is Lallapalooza in Chicago.

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