Dr. Phil: Victim of Lobotomy or Apprentice to Sith Lord?

Just one big disappointment to the world of the mustache. Tsk, tsk!

Finally it seems like that powers that be are going after some of the REAL evils in the world.
Yep, I wish I could say this were a definite end to the ridiculous career of brainiac television personality Phil McGraw (aka: Dr. Phil), but it seems that my wish for his personal and professional demise is still gonna have to be placed on the back-burner for a little while longer. However, at least THIS is a step in the right direction.

If you haven’t already heard, His Most Esteemed Ignorantness is actually getting investigated by the American Psychology Board for practicing without a license on Britney Spears, and later reporting that information to the media.

Yeah, it’s a bright move on Philly’s behalf, and probably more something you might expect from Tobias Funke on Arrested Development; but lil’ Philly boy has WAY out-stepped his boundaries, and it serves him right for thinking he’s above the law.

I made the mistake of watching the Dr. Phil show the other day. He was doing an episode that ridiculed teen girls for posting compromising pictures of themselves on online group sites in the cyber-social network, Facebook.
Yeah, not really a smooth move by the tweenies, but I honestly found the manner in which Dr. Phil and his minions orchestrated the episode far more appalling than the girl who decided it was an awesome idea to post pictures of herself pissing in a city fountain.
The pure manner in which Phil “counseled” the girls was infuriating, and everything in the show was edited and monitored to portray a specific image of these young girls, and relay an ignorant, ‘holier than thou’ attitude out to the public.
Generally speaking, I’m pretty sure Dr. Phil retired from his psychiatric practice, not because of his claim to fame and fortune, but perhaps because he was worried we’d all quickly realize that he actually obtained his PhD at Chucky Cheese, and not the University of North Texas, as he previously claimed.

Personally, I hope he pleads ignorance to all of this, because then I guess he’d be confirming something we all already knew, that he’s the complete and utter champion of Moronville, TX, U.S.A.

Next on the docket: After we take down Dr. Phil, the apprentice to the world’s current Sith Lord (Oprah Winfrey), I guess that’ll help us all direct our attentions to the Big Fish (or Big O, rather) who ignorantly introduced him to the public in the first place. It isn’t unfair, it’s just karma.


2 Responses to “Dr. Phil: Victim of Lobotomy or Apprentice to Sith Lord?”

  1. I can’t handle his show, you’re 100% right. It’s all edited and swayed to a right wing bias and “You’re a child, I’m an adult” reasoning. He’s always good at saying “I think there is a bigger issue here”, but he never explains the “bigger issue” or even how it can be fixed. They most just make everything as sensationalistic as possible, then end as if there is some type of emotional breakthrough.

    If not, then DR.P just brings them back and puts them in a house with some more f’d up “patients”.

  2. Vl.purplelotus Says:

    Who’s helping that poor girl. Dr. Phil has truly lost touch of right and wrong. I hope that everyone sees him for menace he’s become. Shame on him for not extending his support for the person who really needed it. I guess when your all about the show and the money the real people that matter hold no value to a publicity munger like himself.

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