Felony, or Bullshit?

Definitely a potential mustache.

I’ve spent about a week in complete awe of the situation concerning Olympic sprinter Marion Jones, so forgive me for being behind the headlines. But what the f*#%!?

I just don’t get it… no, not the lying to congress part, I get that THAT is a felony. What I don’t understand is how a woman who injured no one –except maybe herself and the pride of every other pill-popping athlete out there, aka: all of them– is going to jail for !!6months!! for using “performance-enhancing drugs”(duh!).

Yet, Hollywood D-lister and low-life socialite Nicole Richie can get stoned on Vicodin and pot, drive down the wrong side of a California Freeway endangering the lives of many people, and face barely any jail time whatsoever?!

Or Lindsay Lohan can get high on blow and plow her car into a nearby tree (thankfully), flee the scene, and then face little to no jail time?! A talented actress nonetheless, but PlllEase! I didn’t think the law bended that easily.

Paris Hilton! She should just go to jail for being completely the void of talent and a complete waste of space, let alone the list of felonies she’s gotten away with.

I won’t hack on Britney Spears, but I’m mentioning her as well here.

Hollywood stars get away with MURDER. And what does this giant contradiction here tell us?!

That we put immense pressure on athletes to be role models?

That we expect athletes to attain some level of super-human strength that isn’t physically possible?

That we don’t acknowledge that virtually all of paid athletes have chemists that they pay to manipulate their blood chemistry so ‘performance enhancing drugs’ aren’t detected during blood tests?

Paid athletisicm, especially in the United States, glorifies an unrealistic ideal of human physicality, strength, speed and agility. Yet we harpoon athletes for comforming to the demands of society by taking ‘performance enhancing drugs’ in order to meet those goals. Higher, faster, stronger… right?

I think instead of chastising athletes like Marion Jones, we should (as one of my Professor’s stated) be drawing our attention more closely to some of the ‘dirty secrets that underpin paid athleticism’, instead of getting pissed off and incarcerating those individuals who inadvertently expose them.


4 Responses to “Felony, or Bullshit?”

  1. Bananaramma Says:

    Some very interesting points in this post! The top olympic athletes in the world have a team of specialists working behind them in the same way that celebrities have a team of hair and makeup specialists. These ideals of beauty and athleticism are now not only out of reach for so called “normal people” but also not attainable in term of the human species, enter plastic surgery and performance enhancing drugs. Are we losing our humanness, becoming plastics and robots and worshiping false idols?

  2. balls ahoy Says:

    “That we don’t acknowledge that virtually all of paid athletes have chemists that they pay to manipulate their blood chemistry so ‘performance enhancing drugs’ aren’t detected during blood tests?”

    … can you back this statement up with fact? I think that this is primarily speculation. I guess my main concern is that all paid athletes are being accused of something that only some paid athletes have been caught doing (wink, nudge – major league baseball).

    Over generalizations are pretty much the worst thing you could ever do in the whole entire world. Exaggeration on the other hand….? I digress.

  3. attemptedmustache Says:

    Balls ahoy, listen to the reason of Bananaramma… dammit! And stop worshiping false idols, like Rocky Balboa, for instance. haha.

    That is all 😉

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