Coachella 2008: CoCo-Bad or CoCo-Good?

This is no ordinary Mustache!  Not even a mustache at all!

Well, this is the time of the year when I just can’t even barely keep my pants on. Nope, I’m not suffering from any kind of skin disease or vd, it’s just that every day is like walking on a bed of needles until the annual Coachella Festival’s forum lists the Line-Up for the yearly 2-3 day Concert. We’re about a week away from The List, I think, and I can barely keep it together.

Is Radiohead coming? How many days is it going to be this year? What sorts of awesome bands are going to reunite and perform? Who are going to be the surprise drop-out performers and late joiners? Oh the questions!!

‘Golden Voice’, the psychic Coachella Forum priestess, has suggested Radiohead won’t be there, but other performers she believes WILL be attending include:

The Breeders
VHS or Beta

This list is great, but all I want is MORE, MORE, MORE!!
I’ll keep you posted! (And I’ll try and keep my pants on too!)
For now, here is a fake Line-Up, and, for your viewing pleasure, a pair of pants–not mine!


5 Responses to “Coachella 2008: CoCo-Bad or CoCo-Good?”

  1. i got a little info that radiohead was headlining, however i believe this info to be untrue due to the fact the line up is for so always leaked every year, and its also wrong. Also the calgary sun reportedly said lincon park was headlining virgin music fest but that turned out to be a bull shit story. And virgin can do better by any means the lincon park. so this being said you can borrow my pants for now and fuck go watch juno already your missing out on my george micheal appreciativeness. foucault loves you. peace.

  2. Why is hot chip so small? They are about to release a follow up album that will probably break them in to the U.S a lot more than before.

  3. attemptedmustache Says:

    That line-up is fake, and the person who made it made some ODD choices. And, sometimes Coachella does have some wicked acts in really strange time slots. At least it makes for an interesting jam-packed day

  4. I like how you got my attention with the pants comments. I have never heard of this event — perhaps I am shelteres.. but it looks awesome and I hope to attend! woot!

  5. Ok, I later noticed the bottom caption. Those are some wild choices, and those pants remind me of Naurdwar and the Evaporators.

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